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Benedict Wong Joins ‘Doctor Strange’

Many had been wondering how Marvel might handle a character like ‘Manservant Wong’.  Long a sidekick to Dr. Stephen Strange in his comic adventures, Wong has been written well at times, but at his very core has always been considered a walking stereotype.  The Asian manservant who knows kung fu.  In an age where racist stereotypes are no longer acceptable (nor should they be!), what place does Wong have in a Doctor Strange film?

Many thought he would either be cast with an actor of a different race or just left out entirely.  Neither appears to be the case, as THR is reporting that Benedict Wong (The Martian, Redemption) has been cast in the role.  What will his and writer/director Scott Derrickson’s take be on the character?  Given that the film arrives this November, we’ll find out soon enough.

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