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WB Dishes Out ‘Cyborg’ Featurette, Art, & Logo

Despite being the first hero beyond the holy trinity (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman) announced as being included in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we really haven’t been told much about Victor Stone (Ray Fisher) or his super alterego, Cyborg, thus far.  Will he appear as Cyborg in the finished film or will he simply be Stone at first?  Will he be getting in on the action or is he merely just a cameo?

I’m guessing the answer on the last question is the latter, but it’s really to hard to tell.  I guess we’ll find out soon enough.  Until then, the kind folks at DC Entertainment have not only given us a logo and concept art for Cyborg’s eventual film, but a featurette on him as well.  Cyborg does not yet have a director attached, but it is currently scheduled to grace theaters on April 3, 2020 (ouch, that’s a ways off).


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