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Rumor: ‘Guardians 2’ Has A Huge New Character

Greek is on a roll this week!  Yesterday they dropped a credible rumor concerning the fate of Odin in Thor: Ragnarok and today they are rolling out yet another credible rumor concerning a new character that will appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2..  According to the outlet, James Gunn has decided to top the inclusion of the giant skull planetoid Knowhere in the first film by getting a bit crazier in the sequel.

Yep, Ego the Living Planet may well be appearing in the second Guardians films.  How he might factor into the plot itself is anyone’s guess, but if true, he’ll be another gigantic slice o’ weird amidst an already eclectic world.  Will he get a lot of screentime?  Who knows.  Ego’s appearances in the comics have been including odd and varied, plus there’s no way of knowing if Gunn is even following any kind of existing storyline.  Still, one has to be excited at the possibilities inherent in his inclusion.


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