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‘Green Lantern Corps’ Lights Up An Official Logo

One upcoming DC Cinematic Universe film that was mentioned last night, but not teased nearly as much as the rest was Green Lantern Corps.  Part of that likely has to do with the fact that it doesn’t come out for another four years, on June 19th, 2020 to be precise.  The other part of it likely has a lot to do with the studio have no actors for the film just yet.

Nothing is concrete just yet, but rumors and comments made by the DC Entertainment producers have pointed towards a buddy action film starring two Green Lanterns: Hal Jordan and John Stewart.  We know that WB is keen to sign stars to both roles, if possible.  After all, even though they have both denied it recently, both Chris Pine and Will Smith were offered Jordan and Stewart (respectively).  WB and DC still have plenty of time to find their men, as neither is supposed to appear until at least Justice League: Part One.  Being Zack Snyder’s next entry into the DCCU, it shoots later this year, so perhaps we’ll be hearing more on the matter soon.  Until then, we have this shiny new logo.  Yippee?

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