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Our First Look At ‘Wonder Woman’ Footage

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment unveiled a lot of information during their “Dawn of Justice” special on The CW tonight.  In addition to the new Suicide Squad trailer and various bits of information, they also showcased some early footage and project information for Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman.  This section of the special has been collected into a featurette for those who missed the broadcast…

It looks like Captain America: The First Avenger by way of epic-mode Ridley Scott.  I’m getting a definite Kingdom of Heaven vibe (and a bit o’ Gladiator) from the footage thus far, melded with a pulp adventure war movie in the more modern (well, WWI-era, anyway) environments.  While I’d prefer something a bit less dour in term terms of visuals…a little color never hurt anyone…on the whole, I like what I’m seeing.  It’s not presented in the best fashion, but given that they only just recently began shooting, hats off to them for even bothering to show us footage at all.

By the way, the image at the top of this article is the new official logo for the film.

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