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[TV Review] ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Episode 4.05 – “Riddle of the Ancient Aeons”

A mysterious alien world!  A lost civilization!  A monstrous threat!  The show has dug deep back into its horror habits again upon its return.  How did it fare?  Pretty well, all things considered, although this isn’t a top-tier episode.  Still, it was entertaining and that’s all one can really ask for “off” episodes.

The Turtles are still on the hunt for pieces of the black hole device that the Triceratons used to destroy Earth.  Having traveled back in time a bit to stop its assembly, surprisingly little of this season has revolved around the “A plot” of putting at stop to the Triceratons.  This week got things back on track, with them competing with their foes in finding a piece of it on the aforementioned alien world.

Just going up against the Triceratons alone isn’t really enough, the the additional threats are two-fold.  First off, the planet…which used to be a paradise according to The Fugitoid…is now deslote, decaying, and infested with giant bat-creatures.  Second, the planet itself seems to be sinister and causes those walking upon it to boil with uncontrollable rage.

Naturally this latter threat messes with the team dynamics, constantly putting the Turtles and Casey Jones at each other’s throats.  April and The Fugitoid mostly seem immune to this, likely to do with April’s psychic abilities and the latter’s cyborg makeup.  It’s the team strife that makes this week’s tale interesting, especially in light of all the death that they have seen since the Season 3 finale.  A solid B episode.  While I won’t complain if we get more of these, since the series is so good on the whole, I do hope things get more creative in the coming weeks.

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