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‘The Flash’ Update: Kevin Smith, Reverse-Flash, & Grodd

Are you ready for a bunch of news for The CW’s “The Flash“?  Of course you are!  While nothing Earth-2-shattering has come up recently, there have been plenty of small updates on the series.  Let’s dive in to the scarlet waters…

First up, famed geek filmmaker Kevin Smith will be helming an episode of “The Flash“.  Silent Bob himself will be directing one of the May episodes of the series, which means his turn at bat comes at the tail end of the season.  He directed the pilot of The CW’s “Reaper” a few years back, so even beyond his comic book cred, there is a precedent.

Continuing on with the Scarlet Speedster, actor Matt Letscher (The Mask of Zorro) is reprising the role of Eobard Thawne (aka Reverse-Flash) in the 11th episode this season, which will air on January 26th.  That’s a week after the show returns from its winter break, giving you ample time to prepare for the evil return of Capi-tan Loooove (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

Lastly, it seems that Grodd is unlikely to return this season, but the producers have hinted at a more prominent antagonistic role for him next season.  Might a Gorilla City invasion be coming in Season 3?  We can only hope.

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