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Rob Liefeld Wants Jon Hamm As Cable

After the Golden Globe Awards ceremony last night, famed comic guru Rob Liefeld tweeted out a mock-up of “Mad Men” actor Jon Hamm as the popular X-Men character Cable.  The son of Cyclops and Jean Grey from a potential future, the adult soldier Cable traveled back in time to our world long ago in the comics and has remained a fan favorite ever since.  It appears that, if Liefeld were to have his way, Hamm would play the part if the character ever makes the jump to the silver screen.

Will Cable be gracing the big screen at some point?  Probably.  It’s already been made known that Fox is interested in including him in a potential Deadpool sequel.  On top of that, he is expected to lead the still-in-development X-Force feature.  Barring Fox’s mutant cinematic universe falling apart anytime soon, it’s almost a given that he’ll be blasting his way across the big screen someday.  Will Liefeld get his wish in the form of Hamm being cast in the role?  Stranger things have happened…


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