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Fox Hires Some ‘Superior’ Writers

For better or worse, Mark Millar adaptations are going to be a mainstay at Fox for quite awhile.  After successes in the form of Kick-Ass* and Kingsman: The Secret Service, it was inevitable.  In addition to Matthew Vaughn’s soon-to-shoot Kingsman 2, there are a number of other Millar projects at the studio**, such as Starlight and Superior.  It is the latter that is now seeing some definite movement.

According to Variety, the studio has commissioned Brandon & Phillip Murphy to write a screenplay based on the superhero comic.  Matthew Vaughn, who reportedly previously circled the project as a potential director, is presumably remaining on board to produce.  No timeline for the production is in place just yet, but if Kingsman 2 is a hit next year, don’t be too surprised this gets fast-tracked.

* – The less said about Kick-Ass 2, the better.
** – Huck and Nemesis were formerly set up at Fox, but have since moved to Studio 8 and Warner Bros. (respectively).  A Wanted sequel is supposedly in the works at Universal, who also has a Chrononauts adaptation on the way.

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