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DC’s ‘Titans’ Is Dead At TNT

After well over a year of mulling the thought of a series over, according to Deadline, TNT has decided not to move forward with “Titans” (alternately known as “Blackbirds“), their potential series based on the popular “Teen Titans” line.  This marks the first of the recent proposed DC Comics series that has not made it to series.  Given that they just announced a “Tales from the Crypt” revival, it appears that TNT is moving in another direction altogether with their genre programming, perhaps shying away from the glut of superhero programming already on television.

I’m honestly not surprised by this turn of events.  Even looking past the fact that it had been in development for quite awhile and hadn’t gotten anywhere, be it with the previous TNT regime or the current one, it just seemed like a bad idea from the get-go.  A live action series focused entirely the sidekicks of famous superheroes where the showrunners couldn’t actually show their mentors from time to time?  Sheer madness, and that’s not even considering the fact that we have a (future?) Barbara Gordon on another series right now (Fox’s “Gotham“) and may well be getting a second version of the character in theaters on March 25th.

It was destined to fail, so better to nip it in the bud now before more money was spent.  Here’s hoping that this frees up the existing DC shows on The CW and CBS to use any characters or storylines that had been set aside for this failed show.  It’s always better to enrich the existing shows than to dilute them by introducing another rival one.

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  • Brett Wolfe

    Not surprised, but I’m totally game for an adaptation of the Titans, whether it be animated or live-action, OTHER than the multiple adaptations of the Teen Titans/Teen Titans GO! portrayals. I guess I’ll have to pin my hopes on this year’s DC Animated Universe flick “Justice League vs. Teen Titans”…had to get “Batman: Bad Blood” out of the way first though, which just happened as it was released today on digital platforms. Now, I am going to submit this comment and go watch it…


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