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‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Arriving In March?

According to Entertainment Weekly’s 2016 preview issue, Marvel’s second season of “Daredevil” will be arriving on Netflix a month earlier than we all expected.  The rumor that had been going around was that the sophomore season, which is currently in post-production, would arrive in April, just like the first season did this year.  While neither Marvel nor Netflix have officially commented on the matter just yet, it appears that things have changed.

Why the move?  According to our own sources, it’s to make some room for the Marvel shows in the rest of 2016.  “Luke Cage” is currently in-production and slated to finish not long after the start of the new year.  “Iron Fist” is earmarked to lens its own inaugural season shortly after that.  Might a second season of “Jessica Jones” also follow once “Fist” wraps?  Absolutely nothing is certain just yet, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if thing went down that way.

Moving “Daredevil” up a month to March allows Netflix to position these series evenly throughout the year and allow for a slate of a new Marvel season every three months.  This is purely a hunch at this point, but I won’t be too shocked if we see “Cage” S1 arrive in early summer, “Fist” S1 in early fall, and “Jones” S2 not long after its own first season debuted this year.  Such a schedule could pause for a 2017 debut for “The Defenders” miniseries or it could hold true through 2017 and save said team-up miniseries for 2018.

Marvel and Netflix have a lot of options on the table right now and plenty of wiggle room.  How will it all fall into place?  It’s simply too early to tell, but I suspect we’ll have a much better glimpse of what lies ahead once “Cage” wraps and “Fist” begins filming.  I’d almost be willing to bet money that we get at least three seasons of Marvel TV on Netflix in 2016, however, if not four.

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