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Rumor: Is This The ‘X-Force’ Lineup?

A piece of concept art for Fox’s X-Force has been making the rounds the past couple days.  It originated on the Twitter feed of a concept artist who has seemingly been trying to score a gig working with filmmaker Jeff Wadlow not only on X-Force, but on the Master of the Universe film that Wadlow is attached to as well.  Multiple sites are reporting the art as the potential team line-up for the ensemble mutant flick.  Does this rumor hold water?

Sadly, no.  After conferring with sources, it seems that the team line-up pictured within was indeed legitimate at one point in time, but no longer.  This project has been in the works for a few years now and as with development on any project with a wealth of source material as vast as this, characters change frequently.  In fact, it’s still shifting.

X-Force is still in the works at Fox, but appears to be on the backburner at the moment.  Other X-Men spin-off projects, such as Tim Miller’s Deadpool, Doug Liman’s Gambit, and Josh Boone’s New Mutants have taken priority recently.  While it is entirely possible that this project might get fully rolling again once a few of those have been released (and done well), for now it remains in quiet development.

The characters pictured above are (from left to right) Feral, Cable, Domino, Warpath, and (rocketing off in the background) Cannonball.  Cable has always been featured in any draft of the screenplay to date, as has Domino.  The rest continue to shift, with characters being looked at now originating from multiple eras of the comic.  Deadpool has even been in a few drafts, although reportedly was not in the last one.  Why?  Probably because they want to see how he fares in his solo film first.

Speaking of the Deadpool film, that is a hold up with this project in general.  In the event that the Merc with a Mouth’s solo debut is a hit, word is that the studio wants a two-hander sequel with Deadpool on some wild adventure with Cable.  As a result, this has further pumped the brakes on an X-Force film. In this scenario, I can honestly easily see X-Force eventually being molded into a Deadpool 3, assuming the motormouthed antihero’s film exploits make it that far.

If Deadpool doesn’t hit paydirt, however, there’s a fair chance that Reynolds will still continue in the role and simply be folded into the X-Force team.  We’ll probably be seeing Deadpool and Cable bantering on screen regardless within the next few years.  It’s just a matter of what form such a bromance will take and the decision of that form is entirely up to the fans.  So if you want more wild spin-offs of the X-Men film franchise, be sure to vote with your wallet next year.

As for concept artist Greg Semkow?  I wish him the best of luck in his career.  That said, word is that Wadlow has moved on from X-Force, so there’s a chance Semkow has as well.  This art hailing from July doesn’t sway such a notion much either.

Long story short?  Yes, there’s an X-Force movie still in the works over at Fox.  No, this is not the current expected line-up.

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