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‘The Flash’ Adds Geomancer & Eliza Harmon

Just because “The Flash” is in its winter break, it doesn’t mean that the news for the DC Comics series stops!  The Scarlet Speedster will have two new source material characters to contend with in the second half of his season.  First up is the villainous Geomancer.  A metahuman with the ability to create earthquakes, Geomancer has a bone to pick with The Flash and he’ll cause as much damage as necessary to draw him out.  Adam Stafford has been cast in the role, which will span two episodes (specifically 2.13 and 2.14).

Lastly, the series will add troubled speedster Eliza Harmon.  While still not cast, the character will arrive in Episode 2.16 and is described as bright scientist with a split personality.  That certainly sounds like an interesting foe for the STAR Labs team to take on.


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