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‘Penny Dreadful’ Is Heading To Comics

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Titan Entertainment is working on a comic book companion series for the popular Showtime horror drama show, “Penny Dreadful“.  While comic spin-offs are the norm these days, what makes this particular one enticing is the fact that it will be penned by a cadre of the show’s writers.  That lends it an air of legitimacy that most such tie-ins are not afforded and certainly excites me even more about the project.

No mention is made of how much series creator John Logan will be involved, but I can see him not heavily overseeing things, at least on a narrative front.  Logan has scripted every episode of the series to date, with occasional co-writers (like the ones listed below).  Given that he oversees every facet of his creation, I suspect he will be heavily involved with the comics as well.

The first comic book series based on the show is currently scheduled for a spring 2016 release and will be written by Penny Dreadful scriptwriters Chris King, Krysty Wilson-Cairns and Andrew Hinderaker. Art for the series will come from Heavy Metal‘s Louie De Martinis.

“This incredibly exciting new comic series is going to captivate fans of horror, literature and Penny Dreadful alike, giving them a whole new insight into the lives of the fascinating, even bewitching, characters,” Lizzie Kaye, editor of the Titan comic, told THR.

It sounds like the series will be arriving around the same time that Season 3 is expected to premiere.  Anything that gives me more “Penny Dreadful” to devour is a-okay in my book.  While the first season of the series was a bit slow going, it had me hooked early on and in love with it by the end of the inaugural season.  Season 2 managed to best the first in every way, giving me a wonderful new monster mash of Gothic horror that I’d rarely been treated to since I first devoured the literature of Bram Stoker, Mary Shelly, Robert Louis Stevenson, etc. and the horror films of Universal and Hammer at a young age.  Season 2 stands among my favorite TV runs of all time and I absolutely cannot wait for the third.

For those not aware, the Showtime series is primarily set in Victorian era London and follows an assortment of characters, some of which are pulled straight out of classic horror literature.  In many ways, it already embodies the perfect “monsterverse” that Universal Studios is so desperately trying to create with their Monster revivals, albeit without the ridiculous superhero bent that they seem to be taking with those characters.  What Logan has done with these characters is treat them in a classical matter not seen much since Hammer Studios was still churning out classics in the 60s & 70s.

Penny Dreadful” completed its second season on Showtime this past summer.  The horror drama series was created by John Logan and is produced by Sam Mendes.  It stars Eva Green as ‘Vanessa Ives’, Josh Harnett as ‘Ethan Chandler’, Timothy Dalton as ‘Sir Malcolm Murray’, Harry Treadaway as ‘Dr. Victor Frankenstein’, Rory Kinnear as ‘The Creature’, Billie Piper as ‘Lily’, Reeve Carney as ‘Dorian Gray’, Danny Sapani as ‘Sembene’, and Simon Russell Beale as ‘Ferdinand Lyle’.

The coming season adds Patti LuPone as ‘Dr. Seward’, Shazad Latif as ‘Dr. Jekyll’, Wes Studi as ‘Kaetenay’, and Brian Cox as ‘Jared Talbot’.  The show has also showcased the likes of Helen McCrory, David Warner, Alun Armstrong, Sarah Greene, Stephen Lord, and Douglas Hodge.

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