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Paramount To Create Filmverse With G.I. Joe, ROM, Micronauts, etc.

Paramount is wanting to bounce back in a big way.  While they’ve mostly done fine for themselves for the past decade or so in terms of their big franchises (Transformers, Mission: Impossible, etc.), they want to become a major player again.  In addition to upping their yearly production slate and chasing after a few free agent big properties (i.e. the James Bond franchise), they are buckling down on their relationship with the toy company, Hasbro.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, n addition to continuing their popular Transformers franchise (Wahlberg just signed for Transformers 5, btw) and taking another stab at G.I. Joe, they will be tapping further into the Hasbro vaults.

Their newly-announced ultimate goal?  A shared cinematic universe comprised of 5 different franchises, all inter-connected. What are these franchises?  G.I. Joe appears to be the flagship one and I suspect the upcoming third film will get this megaverse ball rolling along.  The other four are Micronauts, Visionairies, M.A.S.K., and cult favorite ROM: Spaceknight.  Sorry, Marvel fans.  It looks like the latter will not be making his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Surprisingly enough, it seems as though Transformers is being kept separate from the bunch.  I guess they have enough sequels, prequels, and spinoffs in the works for that one to have it remain its own thing.

How do they plan to accomplish this?  The same way they are expanding Transformers: by creating a cabal of writers and producers to bounce ideas off one another.  This seems to be the popular maneuver these days in Hollywood.  Marvel has a similar creative bullpen, as does Universal.  Will any of this come to pass?  Only time will tell.  I just hope that, quality-wise, at least some of these turn out better than the majority of the Transformers and G.I. Joe films that we have seen from the studio in the last 12 years.

What will this universe be called?  I vote for the Paramount Cinematic Nostalgiaverse.

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