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Melinda Clarke Moves To ‘Gotham’

According E! Online, actress Melinda Clarke will be joining the cast of DC’s “Gotham” on Fox later this season.  The casting addition reunites her with former “The O.C.” co-star Ben Mackenzie, who plays lead character Jim Gordon on the sophomore comic book TV series.  Clarke will be portraying a new character specifically invented for the series: Grace Van Dahl.

The outlet elaborates…

E! News has exclusively learned that Melinda Clarke, a.k.a. the occasionally evil and always scheming Julie Cooper, will recur on the DC series this spring as the attractive and cultured Grace Van Dahl.

Grace—who is not a DC character, by the way—is desperate for money and power. While she’s adept at playing the perfect hostess and wife, all the while she’s plotting how she can lie and cheat—and even kill!—to get what she wants.

Best known (by this writer, anyway) as lead Julie Walker in Brian Yuzna’s Return of the Living Dead 3, Clarke is no stranger to comic book adaptations.  The actress previously appeared in Mark A.Z. Dippe’s one-of-a-kind directorial debut, Spawn (1997).  Melinda appeared in that unforgettable opus as henchwoman Jessica Priest, a gender-swapped version of the mercenary Chapel from Todd MacFarlane’s original comic.  Since then, in addition to the aforementioned teen drama series, she has appeared in a great many genre shows, such as “Tremors“, “Xena: Warrior Princess“, “Sliders“, “Star Trek: Enterprise“, “Chuck“, “Nikita“, and many others.

  • Brett Wolfe

    Yes, good ‘ol ROTLD3, the only good ROTLD sequel…back when she was “Mindy Clarke” instead of Melinda.

    • Daniel Baldwin

      I’ve been meaning to revisit those films. The first three, anyway. I have no desire to subject myself to 4&5.


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