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[TV Review] ‘Arrow’ Episode 4.09 – “Dark Waters”

Things started off with a bang on the mid-season finale of “Arrow” as Oliver’s photo-op/community outreach event down by the Star City bay was shot up by a Hive drone.  Damien Darhk really knows how to muck up a good thing, doesn’t he? Naturally Oliver decided to escalate things by publicly outing Darhk as the culprit behind all of the terrorist attacks that have hit the city over the past 6 months.  Cause and effect.  Action and reaction.

Oh, did Darhk ever react!  The Hive leader then crashed Queen’s Christmas party and kidnapped Thea, Diggle, and Felicity.  Left with his team in captivity, Oliver was forced to get creative and enlist the help of Malcolm Merlyn to pose as Green Arrow during the rescue attempt.  After all, against all odds, Damien Darhk still doesn’t know that Oliver is the man in the hood.

During Oliver’s dealings with Darhk, we finally begin to have Hive’s plan teased out for us.  First off, they appear to be engineering some kind of chemical warfare that will not only take out a large portion of Star City’s population, but also grow a garden in its place.  It appears Hive wants a natural field (and forest?) where Star City now stands.  A place of beauty, instead of a broken city.  A noble idea that isn’t so noble when it will cause the death and/or homelessness of the citizens current citizens.

Other big things occurred, of course.  Laurel now knows of her father’s connection to Damien Darhk, but thankfully also (at least partially) understands why, so we are saved weeks of arguments over that.  Felicity has also discovered that Laurel’s father is daughter her mother, which made for a fun revelation here and should again when Laurel finally finds out.  Then there’s the big one: Oliver finally proposed to Felicity and she accepted.  A happy ending for Christmas after all!

Hah, you’re silly if you thought that’s how it would end!  After the proposal acceptance, Oliver and Felicity’s limo is assaulted by carloads full of gun-toting Hive goons.  While Oliver manages to get behind the wheel and drive them to safety after the driver is pumped full of lead, Felicity is shot in the process.  Is she alive or dead?  We don’t know.  Predictably, the screen fades to black before we get confirmation one way or the other.

Is she dead and it is Felicity’s name on that tombstone from the flash-forward we received weeks ago?  It’s possible, but I doubt it.  At the time the producers promised that whoever lies in that grave would stay dead and they wouldn’t cop-out on it.  I absolutely cannot picture them killing off a character as popular with fans as Felicity is.  With that in mind, I’m assuming the first episode after the winter break will see her rushed into an E.R. and maybe out of commission for a couple weeks.  Someone else is in that grave from the flash-forward.  Who is it?  We’ll find out at some point in the remaining 14 episodes…

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