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[TV Review] ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Episode 3.10 – “Maveth”

Who will survive and what will be left of them!  The mid-season finale of Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD” has arrived!  Last week ended with a kidnapped Fitz being taken through the portal to an alien world by a team of Hydra agents, led by Grant Ward.  At the very last minute, Coulson managed to escape into the portal after them, leaving the rest of the SHIELD team clueless as to how to proceed going forward.  There was also the matter that Simmons was in Hydra custody as well.  So how did things pan out for our heroes?

Pretty well, all things considered.  Naturally the remain agents figured out a way to sneak into the base and retrieve Simmons.  The tricky part was getting Coulson and Fitz back.  Things got a little messy along the way, especially when Simmons was forced to free Lash, who is now freely roaming the globe slaughtering his own Inhuman-kind once more.  That is something that will certainly have to be dealt with in the latter half of the season and it looks like May is still very much ready to put her ex-husband down.

Mack is faring pretty well as the Acting Director of SHIELD, but I suspected he would be.  The man has a more level head on his shoulders than pretty much anyone else on the team, so it is easy to see why he was Coulson’s first choice before he dove into that portal.  Now that Coulson is back, will he resume command?  Probably, but I couldn’t help but think that things would run a whole lot smoother if Mack remained in charge.  I guess smoothness doesn’t make for good drama, however.

Yes, Coulson and Fitz both made it back alive.  But what of Ward, the stranded astronaut Will, and the evil Inhuman entity that Hydra wanted brought back to Earth?  The cat and mouse game of a search for said evil entity, who I will call Maveth (the Hebrew word for “Death”, as referenced in the episode) until I get a better name, was an interesting one.  Fitz did indeed find Simmons’ new astronaut love on the desolated planet.  His body, at least.  Sorry, Jemma, but your castaway lover boy bit the dust saving you upon your own escape.  Maveth now holds residency in his corpse.

As for Grant Ward?  Grant Ward, former director of Hydra (still laughing), is no more.  Ever since the last fourth of the show’s first season, Phil Coulson has wanted revenge for Ward’s betrayal of his team.  Things only got worse in the interim and finally came to a head last week when Grant Ward assassinated Phil’s new love interest, Rosalind Price.  This week, the chickens came home to roost.  After many words, blows, and bullets, Agent Coulson finally put Grant Ward down.  While the goal to take down Hydra remains, the mission to take out Grant Ward is over.

Or is it?  Oh, come on!  You knew their would be a catch!  Besides, did you really think actor Brett Dalton and his character would be tossed aside halfway through the season after surviving the past two?  If so, you’re crazier than he is.  Maveth, the ancient Inhuman worshipped by Hydra, has take control of the deceased Ward’s corpse.  After getting to play a goody goody SHIELD agent for most of Season 1, a dastardly Tex Avery-esque Hydra goon in Season 2, and a kooky Hydra leader in the first half of this season, Dalton gets one more niche to fill on the series.  He is now an evil god-like Inhuman brought back to our world to destroy and rebuild it in Hydra’s image!  This should be fun…

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