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Return Dates Announced For ‘Gotham’, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Heroes’, etc.

Now that we have the announcements of The CW premieres collected, let’s take a look at when the rest of the superhero/comic book show returns will take place!  While not all outlets have confirmed winter premiere dates for their applicable shows, we do have a handful to reveal.  Let’s take a look at what we know so far…

Heroes Reborn” will return to NBC on Thursday, January 7th for its remaining three episodes.
Lucifer” will premiere on Fox on Monday, January 25th at 9pm EST.
Gotham” will return to Fox a month later on Monday, February 29th at 8pm EST.
The Walking Dead” returns to AMC on Sunday, February 14th in its usual timeslot.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” will return to Nickelodeon on a still-undetermined date in February.

CBS still hasn’t issued a winter premiere date for “Supergirl“, but given that it’s mid-season finale doesn’t air until Monday, we will likely be given one next week.

On the more vague end of the premiere pool lies a few other comic book/superhero shows.  Cinemax’s adaptation of “Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman’s demonic possession comic, “Outcast“, is still slated for an undetermined early 2016 premiere.  “Powers” is expected to debut its second season on The Playstation Network sometime in the spring.  Syfy’s “Dark Matter” will return sometime this coming summer.

On the AMC front, we have the duo of “Preacher” and “Fear the Walking Dead“.  Neither series has an official timeframe of release, but there are some rumors floating about.  “Preacher” is currently expected to fire up sometime in April in the usual “The Walking Dead” Sunday timeslot after that series airs its finale early that month.  “Fear the Walking Dead” is currently expected to occupy that same slot once the first season of “Preacher” has ended.  None of that is confirmed, mind you, and should still be considered rumor.

Fear” will likely run nonstop until “The Walking Dead” returns in October for its already-greenlit seventh season.  After that, the cycle begins anew for all channels, with a bevy of returning series, new shows, and funerals for ones that don’t make it out of the 2015-2016 season alive.

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