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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Adds The Legendary Joe Dante!

I guess it wouldn’t fully live up to the title if they didn’t score an outright legend to direct an episode as well!  Genre superstar filmmaker Joe Dante has been confirmed on Twitter by producer Marc Guggenheim as directing an episode of “Legends of Tomorrow“, The CW’s latest DC Comics series set within their DC TV Universe.  The show, which debuts January 21st at 8pm (EST), will run for a 16-episode first season and hopefully many years to come after that.

Dante will be helming the 8th episode of the series, which is entitled “Night of the Hawk”.  What hawk?  We don’t know.  While logic dictates that it has something to do with Hawkman, Hawkgirl, or both, there’s also another possiblity: Connor Hawke.  We already know that the hero is set to debut on the series in some form during a future-set sequence.  We also know that the producers are wanting to cast a bi-racial actor, that he will NOT be the son of Oliver Queen, and that he will be taking up the mantle of a fallen hero.  The current speculation is that he will be a relation of John & Lyla Diggle and will be carrying on the legacy of Green Arrow in a future where Oliver is no longer alive.  None of that has been confirmed, however.

Regardless, this is certainly a coup.  Best known for creating genre masterworks such as The Howling, Gremlins, The ‘Burbs, and Matinee, Dante is actually no stranger to television.  He’s worked in the medium throughout his entire career, doing episodes of “Police Squad“, the 80s revival of “The Twilight Zone“, “Eerie, Indiana“, “Masters of Horror“, etc.  In recent years, in addition to the occasional new feature, he has worked on shows such as “Hawaii Five-O“, “Witches of East End“, and the supremely underrated “Salem“.  While I’d prefer to see him directing feature films with more frequency, this is still a fun gig for Dante and the show is lucky to have him.


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