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‘Ant-Man 2’ Enlists Writers Barrer & Ferrari

Screenwriters Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari have been enlisted to craft the screenplay for Ant-Man and The Wasp, the forthcoming 2018 sequel to this year’s hit Marvel film.  The duo actually did a few uncredited passes on the first film’s script, so their involvement here is certainly fitting.  They are expected to break the story for the project on their own and then work with star/co-writer Paul Rudd to hone it afterwards.

There’s no word at this time if filmmaker Adam McKay, who co-wrote the first film, will be returning to resume said duties.  That said, given that McKay has been doing a lot of script punch-up work for Marvel on various projects recently, it’s a good bet to assume he will be involved at least a little.  Peyton Reed is returning to direct, so the full creative team is pretty much carrying over, which is the best outcome imaginable.

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