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‘Turtles 2’ Gets A Trailer Tease & Character Posters

Whether you personally liked the 2014 live action Ninja Turtle reboot or not, the film raked in the dough.  To be more precise, it managed to pull in almost half a billion worldwide, instantly guaranteeing a sequel.  Coming at as with a new director (Earth to Echo‘s David Green) and what looks to be a less dour tone, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is slated to hit theaters next summer on June 3rd.

The Paramount and Nickelodeon Films production is dropping its first trailer tomorrow.  As is the norm these days, today we received a tease for that trailer.  The 15 seconds of footage below is mainly a barrage of images showcasing characters we know (The Turtles, April), characters we don’t (Casey Jones, Bebop, Rocksteady, and Baxter Stockman), and a few other new elements (Turtle Van, a more comic booky tone, etc.).  It’s going to be hard to push the tepid 2014 film out of my mind, but I’d be lying if I said this doesn’t look at least a little more entertaining.  Here’s hoping the full trailer gives us a better look at Baxter Stockman (a cackling Tyler Perry), henchmen Bebop & Rocksteady, our new Shredder (Brian Tee), and Casey Jones (Stephen Amell).

We’ve also had a few fun promo posters tossed our way centering on new baddies Bebop (Gary Anthony Williams) and Rocksteady (WWE superstar Sheamus), as well as the Turtle Van and what I believe is Vern Fenwick’s (Will Arnett) new ride.  Those wanted posters alone make me think they might have actually course-corrected this ship…

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