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[TV Review] ‘Jessica Jones’ Episode 1.12 – “AKA Take A Bloody Number”

Jewel vs. Power Man.  It was honestly only a matter of time before Kevin Kilgrave took control of Luke Cage and pitted him against Jessica.  We all knew it was coming.  We all knew it would be a hell of a fight.  We weren’t wrong in either case.  Also as expected, Luke ultimately never knew what hit him.

Cage might have impenetrable skin and super-strength, but as far as power skill sets go, Jessica still has him beat.  While part of me wishes we had seen her fully unleash on someone equal to her, instead of holding back like she did with Luke (and especially Simpson), her not wanting to actually hurt her attacker ultimately made things more interesting.  It also showed what limits Luke has and that he isn’t entirely invincible.

Kilgrave is desperate now.  Not only did he send the “gifted” Cage after Jessica, but he has his father cooking up power-enhancement serums to increase the range and effect of his abilities.  Like Simpson, he’s juicing and his mad dash for more power is making him sloppy.  He’s more vulnerable and afraid now than ever, which is a dangerous position to be in now that Jones is so determined to finally take him out.

Speaking of Simpson, while he’s out of the equation for the rest of the season, he is absolutely a thread intentionally left dangling for a second season.  The same goes for the mysterious company that gave him his “combat enhancement” meds, IGH.  While I suspected it already, it’s now been confirmed: they had something to do with Jessica gaining superpowers.

She doesn’t seem too interested in finding out more, taking a “let bygones be bygones” route, but Trish isn’t so easily swayed.  Couple that with the fact that they pose a clear danger to the outside world and we already have the makings of the next arc of the series, should it get renewed.  I think we all know that it will.  The question is less “if” and more “when”.  After all, these shows are all building towards an Avengers-like event miniseries called “The Defenders“.  Will we get a second season before then or after?  I’m guessing the former, but I’m sure we’ll have a more concrete answer in the coming months.

Only one episode left to go!

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