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[TV Review] ‘Jessica Jones’ Episode 1.11 – “AKA I’ve Got The Blues”

Kilgrave took a backseat this time, which was honestly a bit refreshing for a change.  Instead, Jessica sorted through some childhood demons in her sleep while dealing with further fallout from her failed kidnapping of Kilgrave during her waking hours.  Detective Clemmons’ murder was discovered, of course, and with it, the revelation of who the murderer was: Simpson.

While for a moment I had wondered if Kilgrave might be manipulating him, it began clear fairly quickly that the off-his-rocker Will Simpson was acting on his own accord.  His desire to stop Kilgrave might be a noble one, but his actions to make it happen are abominable.  Too juiced on his “combat enhancement” drugs and refusing to come down off of the psychotic high they give him, Simpson isn’t a threat to be taken lightly…something that both Trish and Jessica learned.

While he has yet to tattoo the American flag on his face and call himself “Nuke”, his transformation into the kill-crazy super-soldier is almost complete.  It appears that this particular thread is over for now, but I’m sure we will be seeing more of Wil Traval and his nutzoid character again.  His boyish, Chris Evans-esque good looks aided not only his early charm, but also offered a dark mirror image of what someone like Captain America could have become if he were a man of weaker morals.  I look forward to seeing him again at some point.

Trish herself got to try out the meds for a short bit and Hellcat-out a bit on Simpson, which was nice to see.  Ultimately it was Jessica who took him down.  Fearing for Trish’s life enough that her own injuries no longer mattered, she tuned him up in a matter of seconds and it was glorious to watch.  While part of me hopes she does the same to Kilgrave, since he definitely has it coming, I suspect the climax will carry out very differently.  Speaking of the approach to the finale, Luke Cage has exploded back into the series!


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