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Get A Look At Aquaman In ‘BvS’…From His Toy!

We still have yet to see Aquaman in action in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailers tossed our way.  In fact, beyond an early promotional shot with actor Jason Momoa, we don’t have much of an impression of what he might look like in the final film.  We also don’t know how much screentime the Atlantis hero will rack up in the picture.  Will it be just a cameo or something more?

We have no clue!  We do, however, have a potential new look at the character, courtesy of his action figure!  While there’s no guarantee that this is the look he will have in the film itself, as toys aren’t always accurate in that regard, his outfit does fall in line with other aspects of Snyder’s film.  A few snapshots of the toy went out on Twitter this morning, but have since been removed.  Regardless, what makes it online stays online and the glimpse at the aquatic Justice League member’s toy lies below.  Enjoy!


  • I Am Colossus

    That shit looks dumb, need the adult version

  • Foxenstein Must Be Destroyed

    dc should buy my script that introduces fans to Atlantis with a minor character named saltwater aquaman he has all the abilities of regular aquaman only he lives in salt water… so, sometimes the fish he summons to aid him die…. and that makes some fish hate him and even plot against him. he spends his days crying over the fish he killed. in a fit of insanity he ate the first few fish he killed.. some still struggling to survive. in time the fish come up with a mind control device. they use it attempt to kill saltwater aquaman bu trapping him in a net then harpooning him. he escapes injured on the shores of metropolis where he takes a job as a hot dog vendor outside the daily planet. he spends his day talking to toby the homeless recovering addict that he sometimes feeds in return for teaching him about the area and metropolis culture. movie hints on and the effects humans on the ecosystem.


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