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[TV Review] ‘Jessica Jones’ Episode 1.10 – “AKA 1,000 Cuts”

Death and despair.  Both permeate the atmosphere in this episode so thickly that you could cut a doughnut out of the air, Scooby-style.  Jessica may have reached a point where she no longer must heed to Kilgrave’s commands, but others are not so lucky.  With The Purple Man free again, the carnage factor ratchets up and a few supporting characters meet gruesome fates.  The ones that Jessica manages to save are unlikely to forget their perilous predicament anytime soon either.

While we already knew that Kilgrave was a monster, this installment helped highlight how monstrous we all can be, if given the right push.  What he pushes Wendy and Jeri to do to once another was wince-inducing and the ultimate outcome of it was tragic.  Jeri’s life has been utterly destroyed as this season has gone on, but unlike many of the other characters, she cannot really blame Kilgrave for it.  Her undoing is entirely of her own making and I’m not entirely sure if she can survive it psychologically in the long run.  Some hefty repenting and atonement is definitely in order.

Meanwhile, Will’s mysterious “combat modification” meds may have healed his injuries (or at least suppressed his pain), but they’re driving him off the deep-end right quick.  With only 3 episodes left this season, there’s no way he won’t become a serious problem for the rest of our characters.  That goes double if Kilgrave gets his mental hooks into him again.  At this point, I really hope Luke comes riding back into town, because Jessica and Trish could really use his help right about now…whether he is willing to give it or not.  We’re entering the home stretch now folks and the body count is rising.  Given how non-chalantly “Daredevil” bumped off one of its main cast…and a sizable character from the source material, no less…I’m beginning to wonder how many of these people are actually safe.

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