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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Hires Another Writer

It appears that the script for Thor’s trilogy capper still needs some work.  Per THR’s exclusive, Marvel Studios has hired Stephany Folsom to rework the script for Thor: Ragnarok with its director, Taika Waititi (What We Do in the Shadows).  Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle worked on previous versions of the screenplay.  Folsom has no produced feature-writings credits to her name just yet, but she had a script appear on the Black List a few years back and already has a working relationship with Disney.

Some are doom-saying this film, given all of the development trouble its had, but I’m honestly heartened to see this much effort being put into it.  Among all of the solo Marvel franchises to date, Thor’s is the weakest overall, especially in terms of writing.  Marvel really needs to knock this one out of the park for a variety of reason.

First off, it is as important to the world of Phase Three as Captain America: The Winter Soldier was to Phase Two.  Sure, Captain America: Civil War is of vast importance to the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe narrative going forward, especially in terms of the relationships between our heroes.   When it comes to the build towards Infinity War, however, this one takes the cake.  A lot of important (and unhappy) things await us in Thor: Ragnarok, both in terms of wrapping up Thor’s solo arc and in preparing us for the full arrival of the Mad Titan, Thanos.

Marvel HAS to get this one right and the fact that Thor’s last two adventures have been fun, but lackluster looms large over the proceedings here.  This film NEEDS to have a solid script and a steady hand behind the wheel.  It appears to have the latter in Waititi, so the former is what is being focused on most at the moment.  If that means we need another writer on board, so be it!  Better still that said writer is the third female one that Marvel has hired this year.

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