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[TV Review] ‘Jessica Jones’ Episode 1.09 – “AKA Sin Bin”

The tables have turned, as now Jessica is in control of Kilgrave and actress Krysten Ritter is savoring every scene of it.  The Purple Man is her prisoner and she has devised her own torture for him.  Problem is, it’s hard to torture someone with their own past when what they have told you is a pack of lies.  The pieces have begun to fall in place now and the bigger picture is being pulled out of the shadows.  What is painted is a portrait of a troubled child with great power and no oversight.  When great power is followed by no responsibility, villains are born.

I’ve seen a few reviews that cast Kilgrave in a sympathetic light and this troubles me.  While I certainly feel sorry for him as a child, Kilgrave the adult is an abomination of a man.  We wields his power of persuasion with all the subtlety of a hammer and without a care in the world.  A better man would have learned from his mistakes over time and done his best to correct them as his life went on.  Instead, Kevin Kilgrave decided to dive deeper down the rabbit hole of greed, malice, and murder.  For that, he gets zero sympathy from me.

Still, the best villains have shades of gray and Tennant plays those few sympathies one might have had for his character at a younger at to their fullest.  You feel a tiny bit for the man not because he’s not the monster he’s made out to be.  He is absolutely an abominable monster of a man.  You feel for him a smidgen simply because David Tennant is just that good.  It’s easy to see why Bryan Fuller once considered him to play Hannibal Lecter.  Tennant absolutely has the quality to present audiences with a villain that they love to hate.  I’m not sure Marvel has given me a villain yet who I’ve wanted to see get their comeuppance as badly as Kilgrave and the Red Skull was a goddamn Nazi!

The ending of this entry leaves me excited, but also dreading what is to come.  On the one hand, Jessica seems to have finally found her confidence once more.  She has come through her trial by fire and emerged a stronger hero than before.  On the other hand, not only is the already unhinged Simpson juicing (possibly with super-soldier drugs!), but Kilgrave is free.  That’s a double-dose of danger for our hero and her friends to be dealing with in the coming episodes.  Things are about to get very interesting.

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