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‘The Flash’ To Take On Tar Pit

Actor Marco Grazzini (“Heroes Reborn“) has been cast as metahuman Joey Montelone on The CW’s “The Flash“.  Better known as the villainous Tar Pit, the character will be appearing in the second half of this season of the hit DC Comics TV series.  ComicBook has the scoop on Barry’s latest adversary…

“[Tar Pit] is a vengeful meta-human with the ability to transform into molten asphalt… [who] uses his powers to gain a tactical advantage over the Scarlet Speedster, who finds the ground literally shifting beneath his feet.”

There’s no word at this time as to when Tar Pit will be arriving on the series, just that it will happen after next week’s mid-season finale.  Both Captain Cold and The Trickster (a returning Mark Hamill) are expected to appear next week, so the Fastest Man Alive has his work cut out for him.

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