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Lexi Alexander Will Direct A ‘Supergirl’ Episode

It sounds like the Punisher: War Zone director hit it off with the DC TV Universe producers earlier this fall when she helmed an episode of CW’s “Arrow“.  Lexi Alexander (Green Street Hooligans) is now being tapped to direct an episode of CBS’ “Supergirl” in the new year.  The filmmaker confirmed it earlier today, apologizing for any events that she had to cancel and then dropping the reason why to fans.

Alexander has been chasing superhero gigs for awhile now, having vied for both DC’s now-shooting Wonder Woman film and the still-in-development Captain Marvel film over at Disney.  While her hiring for the latter seems unlikely at this time, it’s good to see that she will continue to play around in the DC TV Universe.  Here’s hoping she gets the opportunity to tackle episodes of both “The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow” in the future as well.

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