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[TV Review] ‘Gotham’ Episode 2.11 – “Worse Than A Crime”

A fugitive from his own precinct once more, Jim Gordon finds himself turning to friends both savory (Harvey Bullock, Alfred Pennyworth, Selina Kyle) and unsavory (The Penguin) to help take down Theo Galavan.  He succeeds, of course, with Mr. Galavan ending up beaten mercilessly with a baseball by the Penguin and then a bullet put in his head by Jim.  The fun is more in the journey, however.

When last we saw Bruce, he was at the mercy of Galavan and he spends the entirety of this episode as a prisoner of the Order of St. Dumas, who plan on sacrificing the boy as part of their “cleansing” ritual.  Jim & friends arrive in the nick of time to take out the cult and save Bruce’s life.  Galavan almost escapes, but was surprisingly halted by his half-sister, Tabitha, who hinders his escape and bounces with Silver St. Cloud in tow.  The episode ends with the aforementioned beating/shooting, leaving justice served, but Jim’s soul further muddied in the process.  As I said last week, Jim has a real Dirty Harry thing going on now and I dig it.  What he does might not be legally right, but is it morally right?  That’s the real question.

It remains to be seen how Galavan’s dispatching will go over for Jim with the police.  While I doubt he can be directly tied to it, there’s no way Chief Barnes will let it go.  Further complicating things is the fact that Dr. Leslie Thompkins is now pregnant with Jim’s child.  The episode ends with him proposing marriage to her, though we don’t get to hear her answer.  Will she say yes?  And whether she does accept or not, will she have his child?  Things are deviating heavily from the source material left and right now, but that’s part of the fun of it all.  What will happen in the long run for all of these characters?  It’s hard to say.

So what will the second half of the season bring?  It’s already clear that the Order of St. Dumas’ plans have been defeated for now, but they aren’t down for the count yet.  The appearance of their murderous vigilante, Azrael, has already been hinted it.  The arrival of a kill-crazy masked man wrecking havoc on the criminal organizations in the city should offer up some entertainment for sure.  We were also teased about the arrival of Mr. Freeze (Nathan Darrow), as well as given another glimpse of the horrors that Dr. Hugo Strange (a forthcoming B.D. Wong) has been cooking up at Indian Hill.

There’s also the revelation that someone named “Malone” is supposedly responsible for the deaths of Bruce’s parents.  Given that character actor Michael Bowen was recently cast as ‘Matches Malone’ on the series, it looks like we will be exploring that particular arc a bit more.  There’s also the recently-announced arrival of Calendar Man to look forward to.  It sounds like the craziness will only continue for the next 11 episodes and that just makes me a happy man.

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