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[TV Review] ‘Jessica Jones’ Episode 1.06 – “AKA You’re a Winner!”

A handful of our characters (even Kilgrave…though his house bit was great) took a backseat this episode as Jessica and Luke bonded further on a job that the latter brought to the former.  Cage hadn’t factored into the last couple as much, so it was good to see him walk back into Jones’ life.  He wanted to help out an acquaintance looking for her lost brother.  In exchange, she would give him new information regarding the death of his wife, Reva Connors (Parisa Fitz-Henley).  Naturally, he turns to Jessica for help.

Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter not only perfectly embody their characters separately, but together as well.  While there is a tiny amount of disconnect when I look at Ritter, as I’m familiar with quite a few of her past roles, I look at her here and I’m seeing Jessica, not Krysten.  It’s full stop on Colter, however.  Part of it might be a lack of experience with his other work, but I don’t see Colter at all.  I see Luke Cage, the Power Man from countless comic books I have read in the past.  “Sweet Christmas” indeed.

The two share countless scenes of all types in this episode, from playfully comedic moments to romantic glances to tense dramatic conversations (both good and bad).  All of it absolutely clicks, which makes the moments of physical tension between them, be it back-to-back in a fight or in an argument with one another, work that much more. None more so than their final moment on screen together in this episode.  It further illustrates something that is absolutely clear to me now in regards to this series: I care about these characters.

I’m not just talking Jessica and Luke either.  I’m talking about the supporting roster as well.  I care about Trish and her never-ending devotion to her best friend.  I care about Malcolm’s well-being and want him to overcome his drug addiction.  I care about Hope’s unbearable situation and desire for her to find some measure of peace.  I care about the well-meaning, but out of his depth Officer Simpson.  I even care about the self-centered, but determined Jeri Hogarth.  As for Kilgrave?  Well, I guess you could say I deeply care about whether or not he actually gets the comeuppance that he is more than owed at this point.

We’re winners, alright.  What we’ve won is another delicious slice of great Marvel storytelling brought to life and turned into one of the best things that Marvel Studios has produced to date.  Also, nice going on the White Tiger (Angela del Toro) reference!  I hope to see her brought to life someday as well.

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