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[TV Review] ‘Jessica Jones’ Episode 1.05 – “AKA The Sandwich Saved Me”

Ahh, Jewel.  Jessica’s superhero alter-ego moniker is finally spoken aloud.  Normally I would balk at an adaptation turning its nose up to elements of its source material counterpart.  That goes double for snarky responses to comic book names and costumes.  Sass and sarcasm becomes Jessica, however, so the responses feel completely in character, especially when juxtaposed against Trish’s child-like excitement.

It was nice finally seeing pre-Kilgrave Jessica.  She’s not too far removed from the one we know now, but there’s a little bit more pep in her step…even if it mostly arrives in the form of sass.  The sequence at the bar with Trish was great in particular, although her office antics at one of her short-lived dayjobs was a hoot as well.

Things took a bit more typical turn in this one as Jessica, Trish, and Will (who’s now dating Trish) conspire to take down Kilgrave alive and save Jessica’s junkie pal Malcolm (Eka Darville) in the process.  It still fit the series like a glove, however, since things still stuck to the investigative and surveillance side of the coin.  Will keeps mentioning his old military SpecOps crew and how a few are cops like him or private investigators like Jessica now.  I wonder if one of them is named Frank Castle?  While I doubt Jon Bernthal pops up at any point, it’s not hard to imagine him walking these same streets in Hell’s Kitchen, both by day and by night.

Speaking of day, with as much as “Daredevil” dwelled in darkness, I love the fact that the majority of this series takes place during the sunlit hours of the day.  It helps make it feel more distinctive and also showcases another side of the Kitchen.  It’s a wonderful way to help further flesh out this corner of the MCU, while also continuing to populate with characters who could easily show up on the other shows as well, providing they make it out of this season alive.

Kilgrave himself stepped more into the light this week, both physically and figuratively.  Tennant is doing a stellar job thus far.  I cannot really weigh it against his past performances as much, as I’m not really into “Doctor Who“.  When compared to his turns in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and the Fright Night remake, however, it stacks up very well.  It’s a little too early to tell just yet, but it’s looking like Marvel has crafted another top tier villain when it comes to Kilgrave.  How funny that Marvel’s two best villains this year come not from their film releases, but from their two inaugural Netflix shows?

This was another top-notch episode in a series that is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.  As for a life-saving sandwich?  That was a wonderful little scene and the best title explanation we’ve been given yet.  Keep it up, Jessica!

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