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Rumor: Constantine Will Join ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ In 2017!

Called it!  According to a rumor run today by Bleeding Cool, actor Matt Ryan‘s time in the trenchcoat is not yet over.  After a stellar guest spot on “Arrow” last month that not only had fans watering at the mouth, but also noticeably boosted ratings for that series, the petty dabbler in the Dark Arts is sticking around in CW’s DC TV Universe.  According to the outlet, John Constantine will be joining the team on “Legends of Tomorrow” when the series inevitably returns for a second season in 2017.  They also plan on casting Steven R. McQueen (“The Vampire Diaries“) as another new hero alongside him.

Producers Berlanti & Kreisberg already confirmed earlier this year that the team roster on “Legends” would be a fluid one, with characters entering and exiting the series each season (either wilingly or in death).  I’m sure a few characters will be mainstays, but an ever-altering roster helps keep things fresh.  It also allows the producers to try out new characters regularly to see how they work out and then either put them to be, keep ’em around, or move them onto one of the other shows.  It’s a stellar idea and one completely backed up by years of comic book team shenanigans in the source material.

As early as John’s guest role on “Arrow” was announced, I had hoped this might happen.  When the ratings jumped with his appearance a few weeks ago, I felt almost certain that this would be the course of action that the producers would ultimately take.  While nothing is officially confirmed at this time, I’d be surprised if this rumor didn’t pan out.  For now, I’m glad I was right and look forward to more hellblazing from Matt Ryan…both on “Legends” and hopefully in more guest spots on the likes of “The Flash“, “Arrow“, and maybe even “Supergirl” too.

You can kill his NBC series, but apparently you just can’t keep a good “Hellblazer” down.

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