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Rumor: ‘Aquaman’ Villain Revealed?

According to Joblo, the villain of Warner Bros.’ upcoming Aquaman film will not be the previously-rumored Black Manta.  Instead, the outlet claims that Ocean Master will be the film’s antagonist.  Also known as Orm Marius, Ocean Master is actually the half-brother of Aquaman, lending the film a bit of Shakespearean flavor.  Parallels will no doubt be drawn between similarly-warring brothers Thor and Loki from the Marvel films, but I doubt Warner Bros. is planning on stretching out this particular grudge across an entire trilogy.

While fantasy elements will absolutely be in play, it sounds like this might be a more traditional “war for the throne”-type sword trident & sorcery tale.  Given that the studio has already evoked “Game of Thrones” when speaking of the project, this certainly falls in line with that goal.  Aquaman as an Atlantian barbarian bent on saving the people of Atlantis from the tyrannical clutches of his half-brother should make for some fine drama and also set the project apart from other coming DC Cinematic Universe releases.

The outlet also goes on to state that Mera, the future wife of Aquaman, is expected to be an immensely important role in the picture.  Virtually the second lead, she will be portrayed as a “force to be reckoned with”.  Previous rumors pegged her as a Furiosa-like character, which would be a nice change of pace from most love interests in superhero films these days.  The studio is looking to cast a non-white actress in the part, which would increase the diversity in the coming DC films.

Director James Wan is hard at work alongside screenwriter David Leslie Johnson.  The two are currently melding the separate drafts penned by Will Beall and Kurt Johnstad to craft a new script that pleases both Wan and the producers.  Charles Roven, Deborah Snyder, and Zack Snyder are said producers.  Production on the film is not slated to begin until next year, ahead of a July 27th, 2018 release.  Wan is currently filming a sequel to his 2014 horror hit, The Conjuring.

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