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Rumor: Star-Lord’s Father I.D.’d Already?!

Heroic Hollywood dropped a big rumor bomb this morning that, if true, is certainly going to ruffle some feathers over at Marvel Studios.  The outlet is claiming that they already know the identity of Star-Lord’s (Chris Pratt) father in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, a film that won’t hit until about a year and a half from now.  According to them, Peter’s father is none other than Mar-Vell.  Who is Mar-Vell?  Well, in the source material he was a Kree warrior and the original Captain Marvel.  He was also responsible for giving Carol Danvers, the most well-known Captain Marvel, her powers.

Let’s back up a bit for a moment and examine what we know as fact.  First off, the identity of Peter’s father and his importance was dangled at the end of the first film, so we already knew this development was coming at some point.  Second, writer/director James Gunn has already confirmed that he will not be using Peter’s father from the comics: J’Son of Spartax.  Gunn has no problem with straying from the source material to suit his storytelling needs, which is perfectly fine by me.

Mar-Vell is Kree in the source material, but it seems unlikely that he would remain so in the film.  Not if he’s actually Peter’s father, given that Quill’s ancestry apparently hails from an “ancient” bloodline.  Mar-Vell’s inclusion would also go a long way towards setting up the coming Captain Marvel film, which makes his inclusion here…however large or small the role…an organic and important one.

Is HH right?  Quite possibly.  While our own sources can’t outright confirm their assertions at this time, they are backing up the claim that Mar-Vell is in the current script.  They’ve also confirmed that parents, specifically fathers, are a major theme within the film itself, which makes perfect sense.  Not only does Star-Lord not know who his father is yet, but both Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Nebula (Karen Gillian) share a twisted relationship with their own surrogate father, Thanos (Josh Brolin).  Furthermore, if Mantis is indeed in the film, that gives us yet another character with an estranged alien parent.

Rumor has it that Thanos’ brother Starfox, a known phlanderer and father to who knows how many across the universe, is also in the film.  Might a mystery be in order as to who Quill’s true father is?  If so, Mar-Vell could still be in the film, but ultimately not actually Peter’s father.  Word is that Matthew McConaughey was approached for both Mar-Vell and Starfox, but turned them down.  While that will come as a bummer to some fans, it at least gives us an idea of where casting is headed.

Both because of the long wait until release and the fact that the script could easily change (either fluidly or intentionally) before or during production, there’s really no way of knowing anything for sure just yet.  For now though, expect fatherhood to remain a big theme in the film and for the likes of both Mar-Vell and Starfox to appear.  It’s going to be interesting to see how Marvel reacts to this rumor.  Will they ignore it or outright deny it?


  • Elias Algorithm

    Considering Starfox is a walking talking date rape drug, and McConaughey is…well. This sounds more like a joke than a leak.

    • Daniel Baldwin

      It ultimately didn’t pan out, as I expected. We ran Gunn’s statement on the matter not long after this.

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