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Rob Liefeld’s ‘Prophet’ Might Be Coming To Screens

Famed comic guru Rob Liefeld (“Youngblood“, “Bloodstrike“) may have another creation of his, beyond the ever-popular “Deadpool“, coming to screens in the near future.  According to The Tracking Board, Fox is in negotiations to Liefeld to bring his barbarian space opera, “Prophet“, to the big screen.  Centered around a character previously introduced in “Youngblood“, “Prophet” follows the titular character…a super-soldier…on his journeys throughout the cosmos.

No deal has been made as of yet and Liefeld is still shopping the property around to various studios.  That said, Fox reportedly has great interest in the project, so it won’t be surprising if that’s where it lands.  “Prophet” is but one of many Image comics with adaptations in-development in Hollywood. “Youngblood” has had a film version in the works for the better part of a decade now.  With the Marvel and DC rights already spoken for, other studios are now turning to the likes of Image, Dark Horse. Top Cow, Valiant, and a few others for optionable properties.  If you thought the comic book movie craze had already hit its peak, you are likely gravely mistaken.  I foresee a lot more films to come in the near future.

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