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[TV Review] ‘The Flash’ 2.07 – “Gorilla Warfare”

Barry’s battle with Zoom left him temporarily paralyzed last week.  That’s a tough brake on its own, so when Grodd returns in the middle of his recovery, it’s double the trouble.  Yep, the big hyper-intelligent overgrown ape is back and he has a mission: to create other like him.  Of course, we can’t have a legion of super-apes rooming about Central City, so something must be done to stop him.  With Barry incapacitated at the moment, the rest of the team must band together to save the day!

While they do a great job on their own, especially once Harry Wells finally pitches in, at the end of the day, The Flash must return.  It turns out that not only did Zoom damage Barry physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.  As the physical damage is healed, so too much the psychological damage.  The cure?  A visit from Henry Allen!  John Wesley Shipp also returned this week and was given plenty of dramatic scenes to chew on.

It was nice to have Shipp back, but I’m honestly glad he isn’t sticking around permanently.  Henry’s presence sidelines Joe, something that Joe even brings up, and having him around each week would overcrowd things.  I’d much rather have him pop up occasionally and have his appearances mean something, like it did here.

Patty wasn’t having any of Barry’s bullshit excuses this week, which means that sooner or later, he’s going to have to spill the beans about his superheroic alter-ego or risk losing her.  Here’s hoping he opts for the former over the latter.  Also on the subject of love, Cisco caught a glimpse of Kendra Saunders’ (Ciara Renee) true identity as Hawkgirl this week when they held hands.  With the big mid-season crossover event with “Arrow” occurring next week (which was showcased in the episode preview), that full revelation should be happening very soon ahead of her move to “Legends of Tomorrow” early next year.

All in all, it was a good episode and it was fun seeing Grodd return.  While he’s now been relocated to the ape preserve in Earth-2, I suspect we haven’t seen the last of this adversarial gorilla.  I certainly wouldn’t mind him returning at some point with a small invasion squadron from Gorilla City.  Would you?

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