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Johnny Knoxville Is A ‘Hawaiian Dick’

NBC is developing a one hour comedy based on the action-comedy Image Comics series “Hawaiian Dick“.  Johnny Knoxville, who has been attached to the property since 2004, is attached to produce the potential TV show.  A decade back, Knoxville was involved with a feature film adaptation, but it ultimately never came to fruition.  The project has now been retooled as a light-hearted procedural series, with some supernatural elements.

There’s no word at this time as to whether or not Knoxville might also star, but given that he intended on doing so a decade back, I suspect that is still his goal here.  Paul Lovett & David Elliot will also executive produce the series alongside Knoxville, as well as pen the pilot script.  No timeline for its arrival has been given, but a targeted Fall 2016 slot seems likely, if it scores a greenlight.


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