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[TV Review] ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ 4.04 – “The Outlaw Armaggon”

Our heroes tangle with the humanoid shark bounty hunter Armaggon (Ron Perlman) this week and get themselves into more sci-fi trouble as they jaunt about the cosmos.  Hired by the evil Lord Dregg (Peter Stormare), Armaggon is tasked with killing The Fugitoid, Casey, and April and bringing back the Turtles so that Dregg might execute them himself.  After Armaggon goes Space Jaws and bites some chunks out of their ship, our protagonists are forced to take refuge in an abandoned space station.

As anyone who has watched countless science fiction and sci-fi horror movies knows, little good can come from exploring abandoned ships or stations.  In this particular instance, the danger lies in the form of a self-aware artificial intelligence system named Overmind and a factory of warbots at its disposal.  Drawing from such inspirations as HAL-9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey and the Borg from Star Trek, Overmind intends to eradicate or augment all organic life in the universe and gain control of all technology.  Fun fun fun!

Naturally Armaggon and the Turtles must ultimately band together for a short time to escape the station and destroy Overmind, although teamwork isn’t really a factor here.  This is another filler episode, to be honest, but still an entertaining one.  We learn a good deal more about The Fugitoid’s past, as well as his deeper glance into his personality, which gives Tennant a bit more to chew on as a voice actor.  It’s also nice to have Ron Perlman introduced as the sure-to-be-recurring threat of Armaggon, even if he ultimately proved not to be the core antagonist in this episode.

This season is juggling a few different plots, primarily the mission to stop the Triceratons destruction of Earth and a new nemesis in Lord Dregg.  This dealt with the latter, to a degree, and reintroduced him into the plot after an absence across a few episodes.  I suspect we’ll be dealing with him a bit more in the coming weeks, along with a few Triceraton inclusions and the occasional fully standalone episode like last week.  If they can juggle things properly, we’re in for another great season.  I just hope things are a little less disjointed as we get further in.  Being in a new environment (the farm) worked in the series’ favor early last season, but aimlessly wondering through space this year hasn’t proved as effective thus far.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” airs Sundays at 11am on Nickelodeon.

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