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Said Taghmaoui Playing Mystery Role In ‘Wonder Woman’

When leaked photos arrived showcasing actor Said Taghmaoui (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, American Hustle) on the set of Wonder Woman alongside actor Chris Pine (playing Steve Trevor), many wondered who the actor might be playing.  Speculation has kicked into overdrive since Taghmaoui himself made the statement that his character is “”a good superhero character”, but refusing to comment further, since the film’s plot and full cast have yet to be revealed.  So who is Taghmaoui playing?

The prevailing rumors making the rounds point towards two characters:  Doctor Fate or Zatara.  Both have mystical abilities, although Fate is more powerful than the magician Zatara.  Both tie into the fantastical, which is an area that Wonder Woman will likely be opening up for the DC Cinematic Universe.  Both could also prove to have ties to the in-development “Justice League Dark” film, Dark Universe, proving to be a multi-film part for Taghmaoui.

Unless something leaks ahead of the inevitable full cast announcement, however, we are unlikely to know exactly who Taghmaoui is playing just yet.  Most productions tend to announce actors as they are cast, but Warner Bros. and DC seem to be playing this production close to the vest.  After all, Said’s involvement was not even known until he was photographed on set.  Actors Sean Bean and Eva Green have been rumored for months and are practically considered official cast members by now, but there has been no announcement to that effect from the studio.  It’s looking like we’ll be getting a huge full cast announcement for the production sometime before the end of the year, perhaps even by the end of the month.  It will be interesting to see what the project looks like once all the cards are eventually laid out on the table.

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