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Michael Douglas In Negotiations For ‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’

Ant-Man was a hit this summer, especially globally, making a solo sequel for Paul Rudd & Co., titled Ant-Man and The Wasp, a definite thing, in addition to his appearance in Civil War and other films.  Peyton Reed is in deep negotiations to sit in the director’s chair once more, Adam McKay is absolutely down for co-writing it again, and most of the cast is already signed for a sequel…except Michael Douglas.  The acclaimed actor/producer only signed for one film when he joined Ant-Man and the reason why is fairly simple: his character was originally meant to die.  That’s right, in the original Edgar Wright & Joe Cornish drafts of the project, Hank Pym did not make it out alive.  Luckily that changed, so as a result, the door is open for Douglas to return and he’s absolutely ready to do so…

“I just got a call recently – they want to negotiate for a sequel and I thought ‘That’s great!’ Hopefully, I won’t have to carry quite as much expositional dialogue as the first one but I had a wonderful time doing it. Just a great, great time.

The cast was fantastic. Paul, Evangeline, Michael Pena – I’m sure he’ll be back. If they can scrape Corey Stoll off the wall, I’m sure they’ll want him too – he’s such a good villain. And Peyton too. It was a lovely experience, so you know, I welcome it. I chuckle about being involved with a movie that already has a release date in 2018… It’s hard to conceive of that, but it’s all good, all the way around, it’s all good.”

While I had no doubt that he would want to come back after the high enthusiasm he showed for the project during his interviews last year, it’s good to hear it made official nonetheless.  Will he get his wish and have the exposition dialed back in his dialogue?  Probably, especially since Evangeline Lilly’s screentime should get beefed up, allowing her to shoulder some of that.  Regardless, it’s good to know that Hank is returning for the sequel

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