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Rumor: ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Might Have A Female Villain

Chalk this one up as an unconfirmed rumor for now, but the latest scuttlebutt about Thor: Ragnarok is that there are two new major female roles to be cast in the film.  One is supposedly that of heroine Valkyrie.  The other is that of an undisclosed female villain.  Many are expecting/hoping it is Amora the Enchantress.  While that would be wonderful, especially if Skurge the Executioner were alongside her, given the nature of this film, I think their inclusion seems unlikely.

If the film does ultimately have a female villain, it seems likeliest that it will be Hela, Queen of Death.  Between the world-ending “Ragnarok” arc that they are aiming at and the overall Phase Three build-up to the destructive arrival of the Death-obsessed Thanos, Hela is almost assured to factor in heavily.  As much as I would love to see Amora and Skurge, I’m not sure that we ever will, unless Hemsworth re-ups for more Thor sequels in the future.  For better or worse, they seem to have become a casualty of Marvel’s insistence (thus far) only doing solo trilogies, instead of on-going solo franchises.

There’s a lot of confusion in the air when it comes to Thor: Ragnarok and that has everything to do with the fact that it only just recently received a director.  The project has gone through numerous scripts, most of which have been tossed, and is now in the process of receiving another new one, now that director Taiki Waititi is on board to shepherd the film.  Shooting isn’t expected to begin until early summer, so it might be awhile before we start getting story details and legitimate casting news, beyond our expected leads.

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