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[TV Review] ‘Arrow’ Episode 4.06 – “Lost Souls”

The Atom, aka Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh), is alive and in need of saving!  After discovering the truth that her ex-lover and former boss was still alive, Felicity races to save her friend from the clutches of none other than Damien Darhk (Neal MCDonough).  Team Arrow dives in right alongside her, but the newly-resurrected Sara’s (Caity Lotz) bloodlust is throwing a kink in the team dynamics.  Can Canary curb her murderous hunger?

Not so far!  Poor Sara’s murderous urges are even worse than Thea’s, although thankfully they only arise during battle.  It might not seem so bad when it’s Darhk’s Hive goons that are getting their necks snapped, but it does cause issues when normal security guards are being sent to the hospital as well.  It will be interesting to see what the show’s solution to this problem that both Thea and Sara suffer from, especially given the hard road ahead.

On the subject of Ray, with the return of Palmer also coincidentally comes the return of Felicity’s mother, the bubbly & socially-clumsy Donna Smoak.  This, as well as Felicity’s previous feelings for Ray, toss a few wrenches into the her relationship with Oliver, but thankfully it seems resolved by the end of the episode.  Not that romantic tensions are a bad thing.  On the contrary, they add some solid drama from time to time.  It’s just that in the past, this show has drawn such things out for far too long, so it’s nice to see this season continue to hit its dramatic beats and then move on to other things shortly after.  It’s a testament to the writing improvement this year and it makes me smile.

Ray’s rescue…and rescued he was…also provided the opportunity for another short confrontation between Oliver and Damien Darhk.  Amell and McDonough play well off one another, so I very much look forward to further confrontations as the season goes on.  As for Ray himself, Routh is always welcome and he’s still as charming as ever in his reprisal here.  I’m curious to see how he factors into the story in the coming weeks, as well as to how both “Arrow” and “The Flash” build to the creation of the Legends team ahead of their own series early next year.  “Legends of Tomorrow” is sure to be a wonderful new facet to this DC TV Universe and I can’t wait to see how it pans out.

Back to this show, I’m still waiting for the flashback storyline to amount to anything.  I had my hopes up at the start of it, since we finally had Baron Reiter touching on his vague magic-infused agenda and exploring the underground lair that John Constantine found on the island.  Problem is, after that short bit, it just went back to Oliver butting heads with fellow Shadowspire co-worker Conklin (or as I like to call him, Shitkicker McRedneck).  This subplot has played out and it’s high time that either we finally get a glimpse into the inner workings and goals of Shadowspire or Reiter and (especially) Conklin need taken out so that we can move on.  Thus far it has been nothing but wheel-spinning for 6 episodes now when it comes to this aspect of the show and I’m tired of it.  If I have one major complaint about this season, this is it.

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