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David Leslie Johnson Writes The Waves With ‘Aquaman’

Warner Bros. has enlisted the talents of David Leslie Johnson (Orphan, Wrath of the Titans) to pen the latest screenplay for James Wan’s Aquaman.  The studio previously had two writers, Will Beall and Kurt Johnstad, working on separate screenplays for the project.  It sounds like Johnson will be working closely with Wan to combine ideas from both into a more streamlined screenplay.  Johnson performed rewrites with Wan of the latter’s currently-filming project, The Conjuring 2, so they certainly have a good working relationship.

While the development of Aquaman might sound a bit haphazard as is, this is really par for the course when it comes to superhero films, be it ones made by Warner Bros. or Marvel.  There’s not much to worry about here, as the project still has plenty of time to gel into something interesting.  After all, it’s not slated to hit screens until Summer 2018 and won’t film until late 2016 or early 2017.  James Wan and his creative team have plenty of time to get the script and concepts into shape before then.

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