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[TV Review] ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Episode 4.03 – “The Weird World of Wyrm”

While searching a strange wrecked spaceship after being alerted to a distress signal emanating from it, the Turtles step in to a horror-esque scenario once more.  The ship itself and its floating corpses of dead humanoid astronauts conjures up memories of Event Horizon, something only driven home further when a strange cube is found within the ship by Casey Jones.  After all, Event Horizon was basically just Hellraiser in space, so a mysterious hypercube (as so named by their robot companion, The Fugitoid) being located and beckoning its discoverer to open it is simply the cherry on top.

Shortly thereafter, our heroes are besieged by the not-so-dead crew of this derelict craft, who are revealed to be astro-zombies!  While my kids took this in stride as another fun wrinkle to the Turtles current science fiction-filled season, my horror loving heart was a flutter and I was grinning from ear to ear.  What lurks inside the cube, once Casey inevitable answers its call and opens it?  The Wyrm!

What is the Wyrm?  According to The Fugitoid, he is one of three beings of chaos who were captured, trapped within 5th dimensional hypercubes, and hidden across the universe.  For our purposes, however, he’s pretty much just an all-powerful space djinn.  Things to a take for the absurd once he is unleashed from his 5th dimension prison and begins granting wishes, whether our heroes mean for him to or not.

The Fugitoid, Casey, April, and the Turtles eventually prevail over their mischievous new house guest, but a lot of calamitous fun is had before that.  From the aforementioned astro-zombie attack through Casey being granted the full knowledge of the entire universe for a short time, this episode proved the most entertaining yet for this season.  As an added bonus, we also received a holodeck sequence at the start of it all and were granted another glorious throwback cartoon for the Turtles to drool over this year.  The subject matter?  A “Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos“-esque series featuring on their martial artist/actor-turned-villain Chris Bradford (Clancy Brown) in pre-mutated form (he’s Rahzar now).

I love this show.


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