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[TV Review] ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Episode 3.07 – “Chaos Theory”

Confession time: I love werewolves.  While I prefer the real hulking thing, be it a wolf-beast (be they bi-pedal or quadropeds) or a wolf man, I also have an affinity to similar shapeshifting beasties.  That goes double if they can’t really control it.  It’s just something about the fear of the darkness within taking over.  Bottled up rage and/or animalistic urges violently exploding outward, rendering a person unrecognizable by those that love them.

It’s always fun for me to witness such stories, especially when they come from unexpected places, and “Agents of SHIELD” gifted me with such a tale tonight.  As revealed last week, Dr. Andrew Garner is Lash.  The trusted psychiatric consultant for SHIELD, friend to Coulson & Co., and ex-husband/renewed love interest for Agent Melinda May, is the Inhuman-slaughtering Inhuman that Coulson’s team has been tracking all season long.

What’s worse is that he has been driven mad by his newfound powers.  He cannot control the change and his dark desire to murder his own kind, but he also doesn’t want to.  The beast within has overruled his better senses and he has now become a zealot.  He believes that Inhumans should be wiped out for the sake of humanity and that it is his moral right to do so.  Things don’t go his way, of course, as he is ultimately captured, but not before gutting the very souls of his team members.

Moving onto other things, Coulson has become uncomfortably close with ATCU leader Rosalind Price.  Their buddy-buddy relationship would be fine if we could trust her, but I knew even before the end revelation that we couldn’t.  Yep, she’s working with the powerful Gideon Malick (Powers Boothe), who himself is lording over Grant Ward, Director of Hyrda (hah!).  Judging from the episode preview for next week, this is a subplot that is about to be pulled into the light.  Let the games begin!

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