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‘Robot Chicken’ Has Some Fun With ‘Agents of SHIELD’, ‘Arrow’ & Others

Care for a bit of fun?  The past few weeks has seen Adult Swim’s “Robot Chicken” parody a few of our favorite superhero TV shows, specifically “Agents of SHIELD“, “Arrow“, and “The Flash“.  The first video below is “SHIELD“-centric and pokes fun at the series’ penchant for constantly referencing The Avengers, but never actually showing them.

The second takes aim at The CW as a whole, parodying not only “Arrow” and “The Flash“, but “Beauty and the Beast“, “America’s Next Top Model“, and “Jane the Virgin” as well, all through the eyes of a nerd cliche.  It’s goofy as hell, but makes for a fun viewing if you are a fan of those shows or the network in general.  Enjoy!

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