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Fox Picks Up Kazu Kibushi’s ‘Amulet’

Fox has acquired the film rights to Kazu Kibushi‘s graphic novel series, “Amulet“.  The series, while will release its seventh volume next year, centers on a girl named Emily who discovers a portal to an alternate world while exploring an old family house; a world filled with robots, monsters, demons, talking animals, and various other weird beings.  Kibushi intends the series to total out at nine volumes.

The project will be produced for Fox by Temple Hill Entertainment’s Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey.  Temple Hill is responsible for the the successful film series’ for The Twilight Saga and The Maze Runner, as well as more dramatic fare like The Fault In Our Stars and The Longest Ride.  They are also shepherding Lionsgate’s upcoming theatrical reboot of Mighty Morphin Power RangersAmulet will be produced as a live action film, with an eye towards it becoming an on-going franchise for Fox.


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