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‘Doctor Strange’ Conjures Up Amy Landecker

Amy Landecker (A Serious Man, Project Almanac) has joined the cast of Marvel’s Doctor Strange.  At this time, her role has yet to be disclosed.  There’s a lot of secrecy still swirling around this project, which is further aided by the fact that there’s a lot of false information about it still floating around the internet.  It’s not intentional mind you.  No one is leaking fake details to the press, which has happened with projects elsewhere.  Marvel doesn’t play that game.  Instead, the confusion regarding this film is born of details leaked from various older drafts that have been discarded.

So what do we know?  Not much that can be outright confirmed.  We know that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing the titular role of Dr. Stephen Strange and that director Scott Derrickson’s film will at least partially be an origin story.  We know that Tilda Swinton is playing The Ancient One, who will train Strange in the ways of sorcery.  We know that Chiwetel Ejiofor is portraying Baron Karl Mordo, another pupil of The Ancient One who eventually turns to evil.  We know that Michael Stuhlberg is in final talks to play Strange’s surgeon and accompanying friend on his journey into the mystical, Dr. Nicodemus West.

We don’t know the specific version of the origin that they are gunning for, although the inclusion of West points towards the version from “The Oath” at least partially being used.  We also don’t 100% know who Rachel McAdams is playing, beyond the fact that she is the project’s female lead.  Some places are reporting that she is Night Nurse.  Others are still holding firm that she will be playing Clea.  We also don’t know how this will tie into the Thanos narrative and/or the discovery of the Infinity Stones…or if it even will at all (although I’m guessing it will).

What does all of this mean?  It means we still have a long way to go when it comes to understanding this project, which has only just begun film.  It also means that we are likely in store for plenty of further announcements as production continues.

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